Summary of the project

Tadpole Chain is the first multiple platform game contents sharing ecology based on the block chain technology in the world. Players will be free from the payment for games and establish the individual credit value assets of games. It creates a "new standard" to lead the global game industry. It returns to the original intention of the game, breaks the data monopoly boundary and reshapes the ecological relationship between the player and the game developer.

The core SDK of Tadpole Chain provides the game developers of all platforms with 0-cost docking mode, and it does not need to reconstruct the original developing package to join the new ecology based on the block chain technology.

Break the three barriers

Break the issuing barrier

Tadpole Chain lets the game industry no longer have a channel data monopoly, eliminates the centralized issuing threshold and returns all decision-making powers back to players.

Break the operation barrier

Tadpole Chain makes up the common prosperity ecological alliance of global players, and the quality of the game directly determines the player's selection trend.

Break the capital barrier

Tadpole Chain allows the excellent game developers who have no developing fund to obtain crowd funding by issuing DEMO, and players can freely invest to support their favorite games.

Ecological advantage

Players accumulate effective behavior value (accumulated on-line time, core task completion, etc.) through the game process, acquire GARK reward, and can use GARK to participate in the game crowd funding to obtain the reward committed by the game developer.
The game or DEMO provided by the game developer can be on chain when satisfying the value core algorithm, can issue (R & D) the game through the crowd funding, and the commission of the voting portion can obtain the "package cost" by providing the player with GARK output.
The players and game developers qualified for on chain can directly obtain the advertising fee of the advertiser.

The use of Token

As an embodiment of the ecological value, GARK will be award to the players and game developers with contribution value. It can be used to participate in voting, crowd funding, transactions in the GARK store, advertisement and other ecological investment. This token is similar to Tether, which is a stablecoin cryptocurrency that is hosted on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain. Tether has more benefits than most of the other popular cryptocurrencies. If you want to buy tether coin, visit Wie Tether Kaufen blog and buy it safely at a more affordable price.

Private equity plan

The total of the GARK (hereinafter referred to as “total”) is 2 billion Token, and the distribution methods are as follows:

  • 30% for the private-equity institutions invitation with a total of 600 million Token, and the institutions are no more than 10.

    It faces the institutions in the countries excluding China mainland, the USA and South Korea.
  • 45% is for the ecological construction of the game ark with a total of 900 million Token.

    20% will be unlocked in the first year, and 20% will be unlocked in each year since then, and it will be unlocked completely in five years.
  • 25% is for the motivation of the founding & development team with a total of 5 billion Token.

    The lock-up period is two years, and 25% will be unlocked in each quarter from the third year, and it will be unlocked completely in one year.
Method of selling

E The exchange of GARK accepts E this time
Directional invited price 1 GARK=3RMB

Private placement application